The dreaded Holiday shopping season is almost upon us! If you’re anything like me, you don’t even think about it until the season is upon us and it’s too late. I’m a last minute online shopper! This can result in a bit too much overspending because I don’t have time to shop for deals or save up. Here are just a few tips to make the Holiday season less stressful on your wallets and more enjoyable for your spirit:

1. Start Saving Now

It’s mid-October ladies! This gives you a month and a half-ish to save up for the big shopping expenditures coming your way. Go to the ATM and take out some extra cash each pay period and set it aside in an envelope labeled “Bills” (so no one else in your household wants to touch it). I advocate for cash because you can set it aside and not touch it until you need it.

2. Spend a Little at a Time
It’s not too late to do this either. Some people Christmas shop almost a year in advance and put it in a hidden tote so they don’t forget what they bought. I am NOT one of those people, but it sure would make it easier to find sales throughout the year and not have such a big hit on my wallet in the month of December each year. You might only have October and November, but there are some good deals in those months. See below.

3. Black Friday Deals
In my family, Black Friday is for sleeping in, eating tons of leftovers, and going into NYC to see a Broadway show. Some people brave the crowds for some big deals. I am NOT one of those people. However, last year I bought my new iPhone on Black Friday for $400 less than any other day. Sure sure, it wasn’t a Christmas present, but if you have any big purchases like that on your list, it might be worth getting up early and shopping the google. You can easily do your research in advance and find out exactly what website is having a deal and what time you need to buy it.

Well, lovelies, these are my thoughts. Many of them may have crossed your mind before, but implementation is important!! Just have to do it! Good luck getting to January 1st! I’m actually looking forward to spoiling my 1-year old niece this year!! It’ll be great! Now I just need to figure out what to buy a 1-year old!!

Stay Sassy!