About John G. Ullman & Associates

John G. Ullman & Associates is a wealth management firm committed to bringing human connection, attention to detail and trust to every aspect of financial planning. Founded more than 45 years ago in the Finger Lakes Region, our team has grown to include a diverse group of expert financial planners, tax professionals, investment researchers, legal professionals and support staff in three separate New York State locations and a branch office in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Client Comes First

As a federally Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, our team helps clients plan for the future and manage investments. Unlike many wealth management companies, our business model is structured to keep all core services and departments in house. This structure gives you access to our team of experts who are highly skilled in a variety of specialized areas. Access internally to this vast array of knowledge is invaluable to the team that guides you and actively manages your assets.

Instead of offering generic advice, we take pride in forming deep personal relationships so that we can truly get to know our clients and their financial planning goals. It is these relationships that lead to lifelong partnerships with both individual clients and families that span multiple generations.

What We Do

When clients first come to John G. Ullman & Associates, the process begins with being assigned to one of our expert advisors. Acting as the single point of contact, he or she will have 100% confidential conversations with you to learn more about your situation. From there, we develop a custom, comprehensive wealth management strategy to help bring you peace of mind in the face of unexpected life events.

From solving immediate concerns to creating a roadmap for short-term and long-term success, our team will ensure you and your family are prepared for the future. As the single source for all your financial needs, John G. Ullman & Associates can provide the following services:

We invite you to learn more about John G. Ullman’s financial planning service offerings and how we can help you achieve financial freedom. Our team is standing by to offer support and insight on all your wealth management concerns.