Our Team

Caring people

Our Advisors have the highest ethical standards and respect for confidentiality which allows them to build deeply meaningful relationships with our clients. Whatever the need, our team of professionals and support staff is at your service for all areas of your financial life. 

Right people / right skills

Our integrity, vision, and dedication haven’t changed since 1978 when John G. Ullman started a new kind of wealth management firm. Thoughtful growth plans and client loyalty have made the John G. Ullman & Associates of today a firm that’s small enough to care for clients personally, but large enough to attract the required skillsets for exceptional performance.

A superb model for working together

Large financial companies can seem impersonal and overwhelming. The internal structure within our firm enables your John G. Ullman & Associates Advisor to have access to all of our professional staff and their various backgrounds, credentials, and skillsets to ensure that you receive an uncompromised level of service. Client confidentiality always remains a priority, while our team approach allows your Advisor to have access to all of the resources of a large firm, maintaining consistency and a high level of service. We take pride in our highly ethical team, always looking out for the best interest of our clients based on the values we represent.

The client relationship

Our Advisors work with the utmost integrity to build your personalized plan which puts you on track to your financial future; however, the expertise isn’t limited to your Advisor. At John G. Ullman & Associates your annual fee includes access to our team of investment managers, financial planners, CFPs, CFAs, CPAs, other tax professionals, legal professionals, researchers, and a comprehensive support team – with all services facilitated through your Advisor. The strength of our team is one reason why so many of our clients and their families remain with us for generations.

Security and confidence

Your confidentiality is always a priority. Our internal software is built for privacy, our policies are meticulous, and our commitment to your security is relentless and unwavering.


John Ullman
Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Chairman of the Board
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Jason Nickerson, CFP®, EA
President, Chief Operating Officer
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Karen Meriwether, CFP®
Senior Vice President
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Tom Snow
Senior Vice President
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Darren Wilcox, CFP®, J.D.
Senior Vice President, Corporate Secretary & General Counsel
JGUA EmailLinkedIn PageJGUA Bio
Pete Winnett, CFP®
Senior Vice President
JGUA EmailLinkedIn PageJGUA Bio
Todd Brost, CFP®
Senior Advisor
JGUA EmailLinkedInJGUA Bio
Kate Gerwig, CFP®
Senior Advisor
JGUA EmailLinkedIn PageJGUA Bio
Amanda Herrick Smith, CFP®
Senior Advisor
JGUA EmailLinkedIn PageJGUA Bio
Mason Jones, CFP®
Senior Advisor
JGUA EmailLinkedIn PageJGUA Bio
Judith Palumbo, CFP®, J.D.
Senior Advisor
Andrew Baron, CFP®, EA
JGUA EmailLinkedIn PageJGUA Bio
Lynda Lander, CFP®
JGUA EmailLinkedIn PageLynda Lander JGUA Bio
Sarah E. J. Collier, J.D.
Senior Associate Advisor
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Susan Ford, CPA, MST
Senior Associate Advisor
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Jakob Brost, MS
Associate Advisor
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Alex Chacho
Associate Advisor
JGUA EmailLinkedIn PageAlex Chacho JGUA Bio
Derek Doyle
Associate Advisor
JGUA EmailLinkedIn PageDerek Doyle JGUA Bio
Lyndsey Payne, MBA
Associate Advisor
JGUA emailLinkedIn PageLyndsey Payne JGUA Bio
Scott Townsend, CFP®
Associate Advisor
JGUA EmailLinkedIn PageScott Townsend JGUA Bio
Leyah Dauber
Associate Advisor
JGUA EmailLinkedIn PageLeyah Dauber JGUA Bio
Nathan VanBrunt
Associate Advisor

Administrative Team

Maryalice Condon
Executive Assistant to the CEO & Chairman of the Board
Amy Stark
Administrative Assistant III
Tonya Andrysick
Administrative Assistant II
Teresa Philip
Administrative Assistant
Nancy Curren
Administrative Assistant
Laura White
Administrative Assistant
Aria Brown
Administrative Assistant


Jennifer Krasnansky
Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, and Assistant Controller

Corporate Accounting

Connie Malone
Vice President & Controller
Michelle Reilly
Senior Corporate Accounting Associate
Debra Ribble
Senior Corporate Accounting Associate
Lori Enderle
Corporate Accounting Associate

Financial Para Planners

Rebecca Ashley, Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™
Financial Paraplanner
Peta Bartles, Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™
Financial Paraplanner
Paula Graham, Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™
Financial Paraplanner, Executive Assistant to the President
Heather Hayes, Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™
Financial Paraplanner
Melissa Johnson, Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™
Financial Paraplanner

Human Resources

Scott Schoonover
Director, Human Resources
Patti Creaton
Senior Human Resources Generalist & Benefits Administrator
Stephany Achterberg
Recruiter, Human Resources Generalist

Information Services

Jennifer Bement-Coon
Director of Information Services
Autumn Cannioto
Information Services Specialist
Heather Morgan
Supervisor, Information Services
Julie Owen
Senior Account Coordinator
Kim Puffer
Lead Information Services Specialist

Information Technology

Wilby Jackson
Director of Information Technology
Joey Hoffman
IT Manager
Bryan Hitchings
IT Help Desk Technician / Back-Up Specialist

Marketing & Communication

Ryan Sargent
Marketing & Communication Manager
Amelia Morris
Marketing & Communication Associate II

Office Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Paul Peck
Facilities Manager
Sharon Peck
Supervisor, Office Cleaning & Maintenance Services
Dawson Peck
Maintenance Assistant
Kathleen Teeter
Cleaning Assistant
Shawn Teeter
Cleaning Assistant


Steve Kauffman
Vice President & Director of Operations, Client & User Experience

Relationship Development

Jase Merrill
Relationship Developer
Caroline Wienecke
Relationship Developer

Securities Research

Bill Armstrong, CFA®
Securities Research Analyst
Brett Winnefeld, CFA®
Senior Equity Analyst & Project Manager
Mark Abdalla, CFA®, MBA
Securities Research Analyst

Security Trading

David Labato
Director, Security Trading Department
Meghan Collins
Trading Assistant

Tax Services

Don Huff, CPA
Vice President & Director of Client Tax Services
Heidi Grimins, EA
Senior Tax Manager
Carl Masler, CPA
Senior Tax Manager
Christian Perkins, CPA, MBA
Tax Manager
Chiaki Benway
Tax Preparer
Margaret Vogel, EA
Tax Specialist
Mary McElligott, EA
Tax Specialist
Tracey Albert
Tax Specialist