Understanding Risk Tolerance and Diversification: Keys to Successful Investing

A common misconception that some people make is that gambling and investing are the same. This idea can become amplified during hard market times or economic downturns. No matter the reason, there are significant differences between the two, particularly in the ability to manage and mitigate your risk. Two essential investment concepts that deal with […]

Managing the Marathon: Stages of the Financial Race

Often times I hear many associate running a marathon as two races: the first half with your head and the second half with your heart. However, in my practice, races are made up of many parts regardless of the distance. While no race is the same, some you may find a rhythm immediately. Others, like [...]

Aging in Place: Independence, Comfort & Community Support

On a daily basis, I seem to be having conversations my clients, my own family members and friends about ageing. My baby boomer Mother is constantly lamenting about her various woes and fears as she edges towards her golden years. The general theme amongst many I know is avoidance, fear and talk of taking drastic [...]

How to Protect Your Identity: A Guide to Safeguarding Your Financial Future

The 21st century has ushered in a digital revolution that has made our lives more connected and convenient than ever before. In the age of Internet banking, online shopping, and digital currencies, we've embraced a new level of accessibility to our finances. However, as our lives become increasingly entwined with the digital world, the importance [...]

A Look at the Market: April 2023 Update

In the ever-changing world that surrounds the stock market and economy in general, the team at John G. Ullman & Associates is committed to keeping you informed and up to date on the latest news and events that could affect you! Each month, Mark Abdalla, CFA®, MBA, will recap the news and events that led [...]

The Formula for Your Perfect Car

Whenever I see one I’m caught off guard. I’m driving somewhere, minding my own business, and there it is. A forest green Mazda Miata with a tan rag top and tan leather seats (Standard transmission of course. Why would you have such a car with an automatic transmission?) My dream car. But I don’t own […]

Financial Stress & Anxiety: Causes and Strategies For Dealing With Them

Financial stress and anxiety have become increasingly prevalent today as a result of an abundance of information right at our fingertips. This was especially evident during the Covid-19 pandemic, as many people were affected financially due to various regulations. However, it is important to recognize that financial stress and anxiety cannot always be resolved by […]

Managing the Marathon: Rebuilding Your Base

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” Whether its life, money, or running, we’ve all been there. For the majority of the past decade, I’ve been the person that many would recognize first and foremost as a runner. Yet, after ten years of year round double training days, nobody was as […]

Laid Off: How to Respond With Confidence

My dad spent his working career as a salesman for several notable companies in the grocery industry. 25 years ago company management decided their sales force was costing them too much and over several years cut it in half. My dad survived several rounds of layoffs but eventually his boss came to him with two [...]

Introducing Bill & Penny Otis: A Series Showcasing How Our Team Could Help You!

I’m David Plante, the Director of Relationship Development here at John G. Ullman & Associates and I wanted let you know a little about what my team and I do, as we introduce an exciting new initiative that could help provide you some context about our process here at the firm. We understand that making [...]

How to File a Tax Return Extension

Even though tax season comes around year after year, filing taxes can still be a daunting task for many taxpayers. If you need more time to file your tax return, you can apply for a tax extension. However, there are some important things to keep in mind when applying for an extension. In this article, [...]

Managing the Marathon: A Guide to the Retirement Finish Line

It comes as no surprise that managing the marathon is about playing the long game. Here’s the thing about this sport: someone is out there making a comeback, someone is in the middle of a breakthrough, someone’s battling an injury, and someone is celebrating a win. The beauty of running is we’ve all been on [...]

The Financial Bucket List

Do you have a Bucket List of experiences you want to have during life?  Many of us do. I am on a flight to Hawaii as I write this to fulfill one life adventure on my bucket list. What is on your bucket list? Checking items off bucket lists does not magically happen unless we […]

What You Can Do To Prevent Identity Theft and Fraud

Reported fraud losses increased more than 70% from 2020 to 2021.  The Federal Trade Commission received over 2.8 million fraud reports from consumers in 2021 representing more than $5.8 billion in losses to fraud.  There are multitudes of methods aimed at unsuspecting citizens. Some of these include people trying to collect money for various things […]

Managing the Marathon: Protecting Yourself On and Off the Course

One thing’s for certain, there’s no cheating in marathon training. The 5am wakeups, grueling mileage, and painful interval workouts all feel worth it when the taper hits and the light is shining at the end of the tunnel. For me, a mix of medium volume and high intensity consisting of double days, 60 mile weeks, […]

Tax-Wise Charitable Giving

Every year as April comes around, many of us find out very quickly how easy it is for your tax burden to add up and eat away at your take-home pay. The worst part is that when you realize it, it is sometimes too late to give yourself that much deserved tax break. While there [...]

Avoid Becoming Financially Unsound

Poor Whiskey (my sweet 17-year-old paint) has been lame on and off for the last year. We went through various diagnostics and treatments to identify the origin of the lameness. Nothing found was remarkable. Isn’t that how it goes though? Going through the various sessions with my vet made me realize just how fragile their […]

Making Sense of Itemized Deductions in 2023

If you are a homeowner, you may be wondering if you can itemize your deductions to get a higher tax benefit. To itemize, you first have to be above the standard deduction. If you are, then it is likely that you or your tax preparer can itemize on your taxes. These deductions include, but are […]

Managing the Marathon: Winning Race Strategies

Strategically planning ahead goes a long way with running and finances. Time after time, Boston University’s David Hemery Indoor Invitational was always by far my favorite meet to go to in the long track season. With over 5,000 entries, the two day event is where many special BU magic moments happen for runners from all [...]

Donuts and Medicare: The Coverage Gap Explained

Do you like donuts? If the answer is yes, or no for that matter, here is a donut you may not like- the Medicare Donut Hole. We all know Medicare is complex and confusing. When you start thinking about medications that can make it seem worse. Between the potential deductible, the copays and coinsurances, to [...]

SECURE 2.0, What’s in it for You?

On December 29 2022, President Biden signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2023, funding Federal Government operations through September of 2023. Of the 4000 plus pages of the bill, 130 pages dealt with the SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022. SECURE 2.0 is an enhancement of the original SECURE Act of 2019 that dramatically changed retirement and […]

Paying Federal Income Taxes Online

Do you plan to owe Uncle Sam for the 2022 tax year? How do you plan on paying? By check? If so, you may want to reconsider your options for this year. Before COVID-19, it was very typical for taxpayers to have their Federal (and State) refunds direct deposited into their bank account and pay […]

Managing the Marathon: Goal Setting for the Finish Line

Goal setting is a vital component when it comes to running and finances. Defining what that goal entails gives us a starting line and the motivational drive to reach destinations big and small. I would always encourage my college teammates and the athletes I’ve coached to think long term. It’s not one week, not one […]

How to Demonstrate Your Love

I’m a sucker for musicals. In “Fiddler on the Roof” Tevye laments his three daughter’s choosing their own marriage partner verses a traditional marriage arranged by the parents. In discussing this new world with his wife, he asks Golde “Do you love me?” Her response is classic “DO I WHAT?” He asks again and she […]

How to Make your Tax Season Less Taxing

Tax Season is here. For many of us, this means gathering our assorted W2s, 1098s, 1099s, and K1s, filling out our Tax Organizers and sending the paperwork to our Tax Preparers. We hope for a refund or, at least, that we don’t owe any more money than we’ve paid through withholding and estimated tax payments. […]