Retirement Income Strategies: Maintain Your Lifestyle Without Compromising Financial Security

Retirement is a significant milestone for many, but it can be a scary adjustment to go from a steady income to living off of your retirement assets. Now that you will no longer be able to rely on your working income, it is very important to strategically plan your retirement. In this article, we are [...]

Love & Money: Navigating Financial Conversations With Your Partner

Perhaps you saw the recent article that draws a connection between merged finances and marital bliss. Researchers at Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business compared newly married couples who kept their finances separate with couples who merged their finances. They followed these couples for two years and concluded that those who merged their finances were […]

A Look at the Market – January 2024 Update

Mixed Sector Returns in a Strong Labor Economy The stock market was up overall in January but there were material discrepancies in performance returns from the different market sectors. The Russell 3000 index that covers the 3,000 largest publicly traded companies had a monthly performance of 1.1%. However, the market sector performances had investment returns [...]

Coping with Market Volatility: Building a Resilient Investment Strategy

There is an ancient story of a man who has three servants. He calls them all to him one day and announces he is going on a long trip and wants them to watch over some of his money while he is gone. To one servant he gave five coins, to another two coins, and […]

Estate Planning Essentials: Crafting the Important Documents

Perhaps your mom had a passion for cleanliness and organization as my mom did. “You created this mess, you need to clean it up” was a refrain I often heard. I’ve tried to carry this principle through my adult life. I don’t want to leave a mess for my wife, children, or co-worker to clean [...]

Financially Savvy Resolutions for the New Year

As the festive holidays come to an end, we look forward to the New Year. Welcome to 2024, the year in which setting financial goals will guide you toward reaching financial freedom. While everyone’s definition of financial freedom is unique, there are a few objectives that can give you a solid foundation for the New […]

A Look at the Market – December 2023 Update

Market Factors and the Year Ahead While overall interest rates dictate the price paid to borrow money, the change in interest rates have been driving stock market returns with rates having reached an inflection point this past quarter. The yield earned on 10-year Treasury bond which reached a high of 4.99% in October only to [...]

Enjoying a Timeshare Vacation without Breaking the Bank

My wife and I recently sat through a timeshare sales presentation. We received an attractive postcard in the mail a year ago with an invitation to stay at a wonderful resort in Orlando for a reduced rate. The only caveat was that we needed to attend a 90 minute sales presentation.  Our sales person was [...]

From The President’s Chair: A Reflective Conversation on 2023 Achievements, Strategic Growth and a Peek Into 2024

“I’m not sure that we’ve really stepped back in a long time … We did a lot this year, we got a lot accomplished. It’s incredibly impressive and exciting that we got to celebrate these milestones with our clients and our team. But I think we’re all thinking now, what can we do next?” In [...]

Managing the Marathon: Balancing the Miles of Your Financial Portfolio

Balanced running extends beyond sheer physical strength. It’s the art of harmonizing different aspects within running. For my mathematical enthusiasts, this all began with American exercise physiologist Jack Tupper Daniels and his formula to V.O2 max training. Jack’s findings tell us a 17:30 5k is the equivalent fitness to a 5:06 mile, along with various […]

Exploring the Role of Cryptocurrencies in Modern Investment Strategies

The investment world is continuously evolving, and cryptocurrencies have emerged as a notable topic of interest. Digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are increasingly catching the eyes of investors, raising questions about their place in a well-rounded investment portfolio. This blog post explores the dynamics of cryptocurrencies as part of a diverse investment strategy, [...]

The New Investment Strategy That You Should Consider

Have you ever heard the phrase “What’s old is new again?”  Well, if you haven’t, now you have.  To be honest, titling this article in the spirit of what it is about would likely have you scroll right by it.  Two whole sentences in and I still have you wondering what the actual topic is.  [...]