Spousal IRA, An Empowering Financial Valentine’s Gift for the Stay-at-Home Spouse

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By Cynthia Rivera, J.D.   A spousal Individual Retirement Account (IRA) may not be considered a traditional Valentine’s gift, but the work, planning, thought and care that goes into funding and growing a spousal IRA can be a testimony of present love and care now and for years to come. What I like about the spousal [...]

When It Comes to Succession Planning, Timing is Key

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By Andrew Baron, CFP®   You have built a business. You have overcome obstacles and celebrated successes. With your continued efforts, your business has provided for your family and your employees alike. When considering the sale of your business, the timing can present complications affecting others both directly and indirectly. First, the timing of the sale [...]

Four Basic Components of Succession Planning on the Family Homestead

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By Sarah Collier, J.D.   Growing up on a small farm, I know all too well that farmers take pride in their hard work on the farm. It’s those memorable events like three generations working together to build a barn that are the reasons why the farmer wants the family homestead to pass from generation [...]

Tips to Develop a Successful College Financial Strategy Part 2

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By Cynthia Rivera, J.D.   With today’s cost of a higher education, having insufficient funds to pay for college expenses is hardly an uncommon situation. In our previous article I discussed strategies that you may use when faced with the realization that the funds you dutifully invested over the years may not be enough to [...]


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By Alex Ognenovski, J.D.   Key Points: Contributing to a Roth IRA gives you extra taxation-flexibility toward your retirement plan. The contributions to a Roth IRA are made on an after-tax basis, meaning you can withdraw your contributions at any time and any potential earnings can be withdrawn tax-free during retirement. You are not required to [...]

The Federal Shutdown: Financial Lessons

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By Cynthia Rivera, JD   As a former federal employee in Washington D.C., my heart goes out to my former co-workers, who along with thousands of federal employees and contractors, are currently living without a paycheck.Despite the promise that many federal employees will receive their pay retroactively, most need their income now. But in the [...]

Tips to Develop a Successful College Financial Strategy

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By Cynthia Rivera, J.D.   Surely, funding a tax advantaged 529 plan early in a child’s life is among the most efficient methods to save for college. What if you realize, as your child inches closer to high school graduation, that the funds you diligently invested may not be enough to cover your child’s college [...]

6 Tips for Survival in This Wild World of Internet Sales

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By Elizabeth K.B. DiPietrantonio, J.D.   I called my Mother recently with a tone of excitement in my voice I could barely contain. I am almost positive she thought I was calling with news of a grandchild or perhaps the second coming. Alas, I simply wanted to share that I had purchased a set of [...]

Opening the Door to Conversations About Aging

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By Brandi Graham, CTFA, CFP®   Everyone knows proactive is better than reactive.  Then why is it most families don’t talk about aging until a sudden health crisis occurs? Chances are you spent some time with your family members this holiday season. You may have noticed Aunt Mary’s house wasn’t as clean as it usually [...]

Timber Basis: A Primer

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By Nick Jensen, CPA, CFP®   Owning land is a dream for many. It offers a chance to diversify investments while owning a tangible asset that can be enjoyed in many ways. Compared to looking at your investment account statement, there is something viscerally more satisfying about fertilizing your woodlot with your own footprints. Owning and [...]