The countdown is over! Families everywhere are excited to enjoy the summer sunshine.

During summer break, many families have the opportunity to go on a much-needed vacation. However, for some families they must begin the search for adequate child care. When considering child care, it is important to weigh the options that best fit your family’s personal and financial goals.

Given that child care effects many members of the family and is not a decision taken lightly, here are a few options to explore:

  1. Vacation Days
    1. If utilizing vacation days is more cost effective than paying for child care services, this might be an efficient option.
  2. Daycare Center/Babysitter/Nanny
    1. If currently utilizing a childcare service, check to see if they are able to extend their hours outside of the typical school hours to accommodate the summer schedule.
  3. YMCA
    1. Contact a local YMCA to check for availability in their child care programs. These programs provide enrichment opportunities for children of various ages.
  4. Summer Camps
    1. Look into local summer camps. These can offer children meaningful experiences while connecting with peers.
  5. School District
    1. Speak with someone at your school district to see if there are any summer programs offered. This is a way for students to further their education throughout the summer months.

Each of these options provides family members with cost efficient support throughout the summer. In addition, if you are utilizing a daycare center, summer camp, or babysitter you may qualify for a tax credit, so make sure you keep your receipts!

However, if these options do not align with your personal and financial goals, always ask for help. This can be done by reaching out to family members, friends, co-workers, and professionals. At JGUA we are here for everything your money touches, and childcare is an essential component. Connect with one of our advisors for a no obligation discussion.

… And most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy your summer!