One thing’s for certain, there’s no cheating in marathon training. The 5am wakeups, grueling mileage, and painful interval workouts all feel worth it when the taper hits and the light is shining at the end of the tunnel. For me, a mix of medium volume and high intensity consisting of double days, 60 mile weeks, and some long run tempos, usually does the trick. Can’t forget my favorite, 16×400 meter repeats on 2 minutes jog rest. With the Boston Marathon just three weeks away, London four weeks out, and Toronto in May, it seems like every season is marathon season. If you’re really adventurous like my former college teammates, you may even find your way to the Australian Outback Marathon coming up in July. If you do find yourself in that category that enjoys racing in international waters, have you considered travel insurance?

While travel insurance may be unnoticed from time to time, the benefits are plentiful if certain needs arise. Most travel insurance policies include reimbursement for trip delays missed connections, and baggage delays, but a key benefit is medical coverage. The essential question to ask yourself whenever traveling abroad is, “Will my health insurance kick in overseas?” Chances are your current medical insurance plan may not always cover care in another country. Apart from these significant aspects, obtaining emergency medical and emergency medical evacuation coverage can help relieve the worry of being caught with an unexpected substantial medical bill. The great part is, it’s frequently already included with comprehensive travel insurance plans.

Even while running a marathon, you never know what could happen especially once that twenty mile wall hits and the battle begins in the last six. Injuries are always uncertain, but the cost is undoubtedly certain. Whether you’re traveling internationally for a race, or even just traveling in general, travel insurance is continually something to consider. At JGUA we help clients look at financial objectives from an all-around perspective. If working with an advisor sounds appealing to you, we’d love to help you through the planning process.