Goal setting is a vital component when it comes to running and finances. Defining what that goal entails gives us a starting line and the motivational drive to reach destinations big and small. I would always encourage my college teammates and the athletes I’ve coached to think long term. It’s not one week, not one workout, it’s the sum. Breakthroughs may come after one season of hard work, or they may come after two years like me. I like to call it, playing the long game. While having a long-term mindset requires certain sacrifices and constant prioritization, goals are attainable with smaller steps to get there. Currently, it is my long-term goal to average 6:40 mile pace in my next half marathon, but the smaller steps I take daily, weekly, monthly, and everything in between is the real magic.


So, what does the long game look like in your individual finances? Similar to running, mapping out a strategy by establishing, planning, and executing goes hand in hand with the financial mindset. Each individual needs to establish their finish line. More specifically, what is your long-term financial goal? Are you considering retiring early? Looking to pay off debt? Or maybe it’s turning a dream into a reality and buying that house on the beach. No matter the long-term goal, planning gets put into motion once a set visualization is established. Visualizing your personal finish line will be a guide in your financial decision making. In the times you are crossed with “should I save or spend” examine how far you are to reaching your goal. If the finish line is still miles away, then reducing spending will only enhance you.


Like injuries in training, all of us have financial hills in life that consequently put a halt on achieving a financial goal. In these unforeseen times, the important thing to remind yourself is why you started. The purpose for stepping up to that starting line can be very powerful. Don’t forget to also take some time and reflect on how far you have come. Looking back at your progress can be very motivating in itself whether that be your long-term savings or running. Whatever your long-term financial goals maybe, the JGUA advisor team has helped a wide array of clients through these reflections. If taking a look at your long term goals sounds intriguing, we would love to help you through the planning process.