Do you have a Bucket List of experiences you want to have during life?  Many of us do. I am on a flight to Hawaii as I write this to fulfill one life adventure on my bucket list. What is on your bucket list?

Checking items off bucket lists does not magically happen unless we prioritize them, plan for and save for them. Each of us have different priorities; however in common is that we need to make them happen.

Our finances are similar. Do you have a Financial Bucket List? Like the life experiences bucket list, the Financial Bucket List involves setting priorities, planning and implementing the plan. What are your financial priorities? Common too many are:

  1. Not living paycheck to paycheck
  2. Paying off debt
  3. Having enough in savings and investments to not need to borrow to finance month-to-month cash flow or major expenditures such as vehicle purchases, home maintenance and upgrades and, importantly, checking items off our life experiences bucket list.
  4. Saving enough to feel reasonably assured that you do not run out of money during life.
  5. Helping others and giving back to family, communities and mankind; with our time, talents and treasure.

Do you know how to plan and save for your Financial Bucket List? For many this is not known, intuitive or undertaken. The value of doing so however is immense. The stress of not knowing how one’s life is likely to play out financially is very real and can detract from living a happy and fulfilling life. Getting rid of some, or even most, of that stress by checking off items from your Financial Bucket List may be more valuable to your wellbeing then checking off items from your life experiences bucket list. For the last 25 years I have spent some of my time helping people plan, implement and monitor for financially sustainable lives. The comfort and peace a financial bucket list can bring allows most to live happier, more joyful lives.

Do you have a Financial Bucket List? Do you know how to make it happen?  If the answer is no to one or both of these – Take Action! It is very unlikely that you will ever regret the time and effort you put into it. Most of our clients will testify to this. That is why we collaboratively work with clients to develop well thought out life plans. It is the cornerstone of the financial planning we undertake for clients.

Having either a life experiences bucket list or a financial bucket list, can lead to regrets and/or strife. Why let that happen? Plan for what you will achieve. Want to know more?  Connect with one of our advisors for a no obligation discussion. We believe you will find it time well spent.