We encourage families to begin contributing and saving early in a child’s life for their college education. There are a variety of ways to save for college, including the implementation of a 529 plan. Your JGUA Advisor will work with you to explain available options and determine your best course of action. Our goal is to help you determine how to save for your financial contribution towards your child’s education, without jeopardizing your own retirement goals. Proper planning can help ensure you are comfortably able to do both.

Tips to Develop a Successful College Financial Strategy

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By Cynthia Rivera, J.D.   Surely, funding a tax advantaged 529 plan early in a child’s life is among the most efficient methods to save for college. What if you realize, as your child inches closer to high school graduation, that the funds you diligently invested may not be enough to cover your child’s college [...]

529 Plans —The Basics

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Cynthia Rivera, JD Summer has arrived along with our cherished graduation season.  A milestone to be celebrated. With every passing year our kids are inching closer to that long-awaited dream - college. For many students and their families, however, college has become an expensive dream and a lengthy financial burden.  Helping the future college student [...]

Fact vs. Fiction: Saving for College with 529 Plans.

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Alexander K. Ognenovski II, J.D. Your guide to myth-busting the 529 Plan; and how to use it to your financial advantage. Three main aspects when considering a 529 Plan: There are no limits on who can open a 529 college savings plan or who can contribute. 529 plan savings can cover a range of educational [...]